Learn How Electrostatic Cleaning Protects Your Business in Everett

electrostatic cleaning everettIn today’s business climate, your customers and employees expect your company’s space to be clean and well-cared-for. One of the best ways to assure your commitment to their wellness is through electrostatic cleaning. It may be new to you, so here’s a great opportunity to learn more. 

What Is It?

By using the science of static electricity and a disinfectant cleaner, your janitorial service technicians provide a thorough and deep clean of your facility’s desks, chairs, soft surfaces, high-touch areas and more. It destroys common pathogens that make people sick, including the COVID-19 virus.

How Does It Work?

This high-tech cleaning method uses a specialized sprayer and disinfecting solution. As the disinfectant passes through the nozzle of the sprayer, it’s charged by an electrode. The electrically charged mist is attracted to the surfaces it’s sprayed on, and it effectively envelopes the surface on all sides for a total clean. 

What Are the Benefits?

Electrostatic technology allows a cleaning team to fully cover hard and soft surfaces with an even mist of disinfectant. The charged particles stick to the surface they land on as if magnetized. It’s a touch-free cleaning method that delivers a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, too. No part of the surface that’s sprayed remains untouched by disinfectant, so you, your employees and your customers can have peace of mind.

Ready to Book Electrostatic Cleaning for Your Organization in Everett?

LNT/Definitive Building Maintenance is a local, minority-owned company specializing in building maintenance services, including electrostatic cleaning. Our industry experience in janitorial services and floor care gives you confidence in knowing that your team and your clients are protected. Our trained and supervised cleaning teams are committed to professionalism, courtesy and integrity on every job. Contact us today for your free site assessment and proposal for customized cleaning services.

Electrostatic Cleaning Makes It Easy to Protect Against Viruses and Bacteria in Everett

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