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Extraction Carpet and/or Bonnet Cleaning Methods

At LNT Definitive, we are Seattle’s Extraction Carpet Cleaning experts! If the area is extremely soiled, you will want to do a pre-spray of the entire area to allow the chemicals to soak and break apart the bonds of the dirt, freeing it from the carpet fibers.  Make a forward pass, laying down a stream of solution, then come back with the vacuum head on the drag wand and extract the solution you just put down.  Move over and repeat the same steps.  Overlapping by a few inches will guarantee a thorough cleaning.

This process is mostly recommended for lightly soiled carpets.

Most carpeted areas will not need to be scrubbed with a bonnet.  Only those carpets that are extremely filthy will need Seattle Carpet Bonnet Scrubbing.  Heavy traffic areas are a good example of areas that will routinely need to be scrubbed.  Most of the other areas will clean up just fine with a simple carpet extraction.

Remove all furniture and other obstacles that could be damaged or may impede your scrubbing path.

Spray down the area with the prepared solution in the pump up sprayer.  Let the solution sit for a few minutes so it can work itself into the carpet fibers and loosen the bonds between the dirt and fibers.

The bonnets you are using will collect a lot of the dirt from the carpet.

Finishes scrubbing the highly soiled areas, then go back over these areas with a clean bonnet.  You will be extracting the soap, water and dirt that was just scrubbed free from the carpet fibers.  The final step will be to actually fill the extractor with clean water and doing a simple rinse with the extractor.  You’ll just spray down clean water and then recover it again, removing as much dirt and detergent from the carpet as possible.  This is very similar to a rinse cycle on your washing machine when you are doing laundry.